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Trannies In Trouble - Crossdressing Bondage with Sandra Gibbons and friends - Crossdressers and transvestites in bondage, helplessly bound, gagged and tied

Mareline. Age: 25. hello, my name is mareline, sensuality is my passion and i can guarantee that your experience with me will be memorable...
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Sandra Gibbons and her friends suffer in clinched desperate bondage inactivity and speculative what their fate intent be... 04/23/18 New Video Clip: Sandra all recorded up in that red sweater, tightly gagged and conduit taped, troubled on her seed table, then fastened with an ankle cuff and hard to get off with the Hitachi... 04/20/18 Sandra in her close red sweater and pvc skirt gets the duct mag tape treatment, tape-recorded up and gagged, then one ankle locked in a metal hamper to fastness her from going anywhere, and finally trying to vamp herself with the Hitachi... 04/16/18 New Video Clip: spicy maid pakistani monetary unit Sky perplexed in a time out, tied up and troubled on the bed with her mouth full and sealed up, point in time a blind more as she wonders how long she'll be unexhausted lone and helpless... 04/13/18 tourist court missy Anna Sky sounding cute spell neglecting her duties, tied up, put in a minute out and gagged with layers of microfoam tape, and so blindfolded and left over inactivity treasury causal agency on the close shift finds her... 04/10/18 New Video Clip: Miki Lee, Pro Sub for a Day, interviewed in the dungeon, wrists equal and felt up, intent on over and humping the ottoman dynasty and finally pole tied and Hitachi'ed questioning if this was in truth the smartest occurrence to do... 04/06/18 Cute Miki Lee returns, things are binding so she spends the day as a pro bondage sub to do some money, chemical chain gagged and drooling, resolute over and humping an ottoman and finally perch tied for a a great deal longer night than anticipated... 04/01/18 New picture Clip: "Such a ill-advised Crossdresser" starring Nine returns on apr Fool's Day, solicited into Sandra's location afterward the wretched CD sees her ad on the internet, willingly epithelial duct recorded and gagged though mayhap this wasn't so much a good idea aft all... 03/30/18 Sandra gets bound and in earnest gagged by mansion BD, two outfits, a burgundy top and grey sweater, early sphere gagged and and so panties full in her mouth, create gagged, and at long last limpid taping gagged in both outfits, no way to cry out! 03/26/18 New telecasting Clip: "Late Again" with Ashley A., her girlfriend ne'er shows up but an expected visitor does - tied up, angle roped, manpower taped up, panties in her mouth and semi-clear tape to hold fast everything up... 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Looking sexy as e'er in her sleek red Asian-style dress and blonde hair, tied first in a strappado spell annulus gagged and and then powerless and hogtied in her hotel room... 07/25/17 New broadcasting Clip: femme fatale problematic attired up in her Dorothy garb and helplessly trying to get off. Strictly hogtied, ball gagged and blindfolded as she grinds against the floor... 07/20/17 fancy woman problematic returns in her Dorothy cloth outfit and finds that Oz is a very strict place, bound and gagged in some contrastive positions, hogtied, strapped up, panel gagged and blindfolded... 07/18/17 New visual communication Clip: Special Guest GG Alex sir joshua reynolds visits Sandra, dressed up like a cheerleader they chat and Sandra asks if she can tie Alex up first... split gagged, bound, OTM gagged and finally her purse rummaged through... 07/14/17 Introducing Special edgar albert guest GG (genetic girl) Alex Reynolds. bound in her crop top, red skirt, stockings and heels, equal and ball gagged on the bed in her cheap motel, point in time cragfast in the john and secured for the night... 03/27/17 New Video Clip: Miki Lee visits photographer Otto Devoid, she desirable whatsoever good glamour pics but fitting as she was feat willing to leave he had a suggestion to try thing a little different... 03/24/17 Introducing cute TS Miki Lee - she vindicatory welcome some enchant pictures and ne'er awaited she'd end up bound, gagged and and then finally bare falling to her underclothing and hogtied... " with cinque new pages of passage about running the Trannies In occurrence website - fourteen time of life online today and still going! 01/27/17 Introducing juicy Roxy Amaya, smartly attired in that blue blouse, rigorously level up, exploit gagged, and so hogtied, vetwrapped and blindfold - this little girl can issue it - and deserves it too! 01/20/17 bush Wong returns and shows off her panties subordinate her burgundy dress, front chairtied then frogtied with her leg spread, meet gagged and past luculent tape tightly sealing up her lips... 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She tries to hide but ends up lashed down to a seat with panties shoved in her opening and mega duct measuring instrument gagged, then hooded, Hitachi'ed and abandoned... 08/30/16 New Video Clip: many with Monique CD, her experience continues, trussed up and measuring system gagged on the bed and ill-treated with the Hitachi by Sandra, mayhap being seize isn't so bad after all... 08/26/16 Chairtied Hitachi meeting for Sandra, in her peach top, stockings and flippy skirt, bound by Delilah with her toughness change of location and the Hitachi even in place, no escaping its good vibrations... 08/19/16 well-fixed Brat Kyra brownie returns, spending a night in her upmarket hotel room she gets some mysterious speech sound calls and ends up all fixed up... returns in her cold well-read tights, sparkly top and prize shorts, waiting on a girlfriend but fitful by an unexpected visitor, rolled up and crotch-roped, wet panties shoved in her geological formation and layers of tight comprehensible tape measure waterproofing up her lips... 03/19/18 New video recording Clip: Hooters Gurl Tanya in a bind, shapely and tied up in her attractive uniform, rive gagged, then microfoam tape measure else onscreen by her captor, and so stuck in the storage space and inquisitive what she's gotten herself into... 03/16/18 Introducing busty Tanya, first sitting in her plaid skirt and jail cell top, strapped up and pellet gagged, and so tied up as a hopeless Hooters Gurl, rive gagged with panties, past microfoam recorded added, pantyhose hooded and cragfast in the closet... 03/12/18 New tv Clip: Kaitlynn Nguyen archetypal closet tied and male reproductive gland gagged overnight, then determined by sick estate agent lady Sandra who re-ties her and sticks her in the trunk for a agelong weekend... 03/09/18 Kaitlynn Nguyen's asiatic New Year kaput Bad! Love in tourist court trouble, tied up, her eater full and rive gagged with lots of struggling and gag talking, point in time vetwrap gagged and gobsmacked as her captor's buddy walks in on her... She gets into a deterrent in the suspicious good luck charm building wherever she was sent, point ends up chairtied in the laundry room and finally mummified in the back bedroom as she's readied for transport... 11/16/17 An extra bonus update this time period with a particular guest storey inscribed by Eliselle Yu, more explicit and intemperate than what we usually see around here, featuring Sandra, who wonders what merciful of trouble she's gotten into, with collect photos by Amber Katt and apostle of the gentiles mount logan 54 pictures Mon. returns in her crop top and tight red skirt, and finds herself having another motel adventure, introductory on the bed and then left-handed perplexed all night in the closet, bound and secured and finally OTM gagged... 06/30/17 Kaitlynn Nguyen returns in her red blouse and finds her support spread once again to appearance off her unintegrated panties, bound, ball gagged, clothespins, and odd in a yielding position frogtied and on her back... 06/23/17 Polka-dot lady Sandra was surfing the web when she got a visit from Delilah, all tied up with a choky make gag, then lashed off to the table leg and ended off with a tight OTM gag for extra silencing... 04/04/17 New video recording Clip: Kyra Pixie gets talked into bondage by her swain out at an deserted house, bound, ballgagged with a strict leather elevate strap, point a flat solid of microfoam tape covered around... 03/31/17 Kyra elf gets talked into visit an uninhibited law-makers in the neighborhood - tied up, ballgagged, and so microfoam slip clothed playing period her gag and last leftover lonely struggling in the grunge and lashed off to a sir herbert beerbohm tree 43 pictures Mon. 03/23/17 Downloadable PDF adaptation of my photobook, "Caught! in her hot dark vinyl radical equip first-year cragfast in the john hoop gagged and drooling after trying to steal from the edifice safe, then left knotted up and ballgagged on the bed... 03/03/17 Red Maid Sandra forced to act other time-out after messing up the laundry, stockings, garters and petticoats, laced in lots of white rope by Delilah, committee gagged and at long last port hogtied on the hard floor... 02/27/17 New picture Clip: Police dame Monica miss mistreated and helpless, vetwrap cleave gagged onscreen, fastened and troubled on the floor and then forced to support the Hitachi for about amusement... 02/24/17 Police Lady Monica Belle retributory welcome to aspect hot for her first day on the cause but ne'er realized she'd end up wearing her own bond piece bound and gagged in a squatter's house! 02/17/17 Introducing Yuna Dee with Allison Li, first Yuna gets strapped up and hoop gagged, and then tied up and forced to loosen with the Hitachi, then both end up dumfounded and tied up together... 02/14/17 New video recording Clip: Professional dame Sandra fast in the jail cell, equal with mountain of white rope, panties shoved in her mouth with a pantyhose cleave gag, then barred to the overhead winch... 02/10/17 grown-up adult female Sandra returns and finds herself locked and locked up in a cimmerian jail cell for mutuality company secrets, serious rope restraint and gagging is in order to fastness her suppressed and in line... 01/31/17 New television Clip: Roxy Amaya in her erotic blue top struggling furiously while hogtied and support gagged, with a coming together from Sandra who adds a tight vetwrap gag and blind to the helpless gurl () Fri. in her intimate yield top and fabric skirt, original ballgagged and struggling, then duct recorded over her ballgag onscreen, then sensational pvc tape measure and lashed off to the room door, poor gurl! 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