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Following the ideal in the "Player's Handbook", I chose to farewell space for players to write their own spells as they are learned, since this is likely to vary some among campaigns. I opinion drow is credibly a dialect of elvish, and once a group is delineated as gaining drow as a positive stimulus language, I made it elvish. in that location is discrepancy in the sources as to whether the drow speak Elvish or a isolated Drow dialect/language.
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Update 36 Release Notes | Dungeons and Dragons Online

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Dwarves have undraped wealth in a interminable lost outpost in the Underdark. They motive you to join them; aid them take on the fatal drow threatening their excavation, and you can allocation in the spoils! Yet who can escape the declare of the Jewels of Ardor? You can reach the Tethyamar defensive measure Outpost by talking with Arman Argentine to the west of the town direct in Eveningstar. asseveration your share of the phenomenon in the new dangerous undertaking pack, "The Mines of Tethyamar" (free to VIPs)! The search Arc can be accessed by speech-endowed to the Asta the Deep Minded, situated extrinsic the building inside the Tethyamar Mining Outpost.
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